Dubsado – Client Management for Coaches

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If you’re a #coach or consultant and need a program to manage your clients and business, the hands-down best CRM (customer relationship management) platform is Dubsado. I’ve tried many of them – Hubspot, 17hats, Tave, and so far Dubsado is by far my favorite.

Here’s some of what I love about Dubsado:

  • You can customize forms and contracts (or use one of their templates), including even adding images, video, and HTML.
  • You can seamlessly embed lead capture forms into your website, or let them standalone. I use them for contact forms on my site, and as a way to automate services from signup (like my website in a week program).
  • You can automate your business (everything from sign up, to invoices/payment, emails, task lists, scheduling, to gathering client info can be automated).
  • You can white label everything, so no one ever knows you are using it if you don’t want them to.
  • Your clients can find everything they need with their own optionally password protected client portal.
  • It’s versatile – I’ve seen everyone from coaches, web designers, photographers, copywriters, book publishers, to auto mechanics, use Dubsado to manage their businesses.
  • Their customer service is incredible. So much so that I now measure all online services’ customer service against theirs. They listen to their customers, and just about every month there is a new feature added based on customer requests.

So if you’re doing any kind of coaching or consulting and don’t need the HIPAA level security therapists need, Dubsado is the absolute best bet.