Acuity Scheduling – HIPAA Scheduling Tool

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My EHR has a scheduling system. But I can’t seem to use it, because I can never leave Acuity. I’m a lifelong, loyal fan.  It is so robust, and so perfect for everything I need. I run several businesses, and I’m able to use Acuity for all of them. I’ve gone on about Acuity before, but the two things I love most about Acuity are that:

1)  I’m able to create multiple calendars –  so I can have a unique calendar for my new intakes, my ongoing clients, virtual clients, and my office subletters. That’s important because each of those need different settings. I don’t want my subletters scheduling my office when I’m there, and I want to make sure my new clients only have access to ongoing open slots, not just whatever I happen to have open each week. Game changer.

2) I can change my availability easily – Because I’m a mom with a constantly shifting schedule, I need to easily shift my availability without having to go in and change back end settings. It’s easy for me to block off time for a doctor’s appointment, or to say that for the next three weeks, I’m not free on Fridays. Easy peasy.

But there’s so much that’s great about Acuity. You have to try it for yourself.